For @ninaricci SS2020 @Rushemybotter and @lisiherrebrugh came up with a collection that evolves around conceptual looks, grounded in practical construction. This time they get inspired by their childhood memories and Dutch heritage mixed with mannish tailoring along with touches of boudoir slink. The day after their show at the Palais de Tokyo museum in Paris, our Editor-at-Large @filepmotwary meets up with the Dutch duo aiming to discover Rushemy & Lisi’s version of the #NinaRicci woman.

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Interview | Story by Filep Motwary
Video @herve_hiolle
Editor in Chief @thaleiavoguegr
Production manager @jojodaniil
Backstage Photography #filepmotwary
Fashion Show Footage Courtesy of @ninaricci
Rushemy & Lisi Portrait by #LeonMark
Music “Ira + Dira” by Chris & Terry Christos Hadjichristou
Subtitles @ninazve
Special Thanks to @lucienpagescommunication @lucienpages

Photo Iorgis Matyassy pour Libération