There is a lack of memory going on, traces get lost, the past is without possible future. On the other hand, memory is not necessarily positive because of the burden of heritage influencing the possible future too much and nothing new can happen anymore. The contrast between memory and oblivion has to be faced dynamically (momenting) by playing in the space between arcadia (an idealised past) and utopia (an idealised future). This space-in-between (memento) is a monad, a unique concentration of time and space to be lived and re-membered. Else there is only conservation (museums), reanimation (zombie brands) and objectification (shops).

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This book doesn’t display any decorative writing, it’s poetic and rough, made of visions and intuitions, nightmares and philosophical thoughts, errors and knife-cutting statements sequenced all along unplanned articles and researched-based chapters.

Momenting the memento is the starting point of debates among visionaries and the main theme of IFFTI 2015 conference in Florence, gathering the most important fashion schools in the world. Written by Danilo Venturi, introduced and curated by Linda Loppa, the book is featuring Filep Motwary’s unpublished interviews to Tim Blanks, Christian Lacroix, Bruce Pask, Robin Schulie, Diane Pernet and Rick Owens.


edition – Skira
author – Danilo Venturi
introduction and curation – Linda Loppa
cover artwork – Yeong Win-Ni
photography and interviews – Filep Motwary
artwork and illustrations – Karolin Schran
editing – Abigail Rands
digital – Gianpaolo D’Amico