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_MG_9028 _MG_9032  FILEP MOTWARY

On Monday and Tuesday (November 20 & 21st 2017)  the A’ Technical Lyceum of Nicosia welcomed author, journalist, curator and photographer Filep Motwary, to direct a workshop with selected students from the Applied Arts department (from the 1st, 2nd and final year of the school) as active participants.

The project focused on certain designers or Fashion Houses from the contemporary scene and how the latter could be an inspiring subject for the students to create a series of aspiring collages. The work was later to be uploaded on Instagram, through an account that was created especially.
Congratulations to Christina Pitsillidou, Lia Evangelou, Noni Kashioti as well as to the “Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture” & the A’ technical Lyceum of Nicosia for this great opportunity: “Teaching is a beautiful interaction, a give and take situation where everybody wins.” said Motwary.
The workshop is part of the “ACT” (ΔΡΑΣΕ) educational program, supported by the Cyprus Ministry of Education and the EU.

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