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"When I decided to move forward with this personal project it became a pleasure to discover how many of my friends - some of them new - were willing to help put it together. You know, I am not a photographer, at least not a trained one, and I find it very difficult to learn how to use digital ways in order to correct my images - even to give them the same color tone - but I try.

I would suggest that you see the photographs one by one, as an individual portrait and not as whole. When I created this costume and Maria Mastori the jewellery, our aim was to bring out something very primitive as well as royal, If I may say, inspired by the richness of the Greek and Cyprus culture. Although there are moments that the outline reminds me of a man's costume from the early 15th century, it is quite impressive how it changes, depending on each of the character wearing it."

Costume and photography by Filep Motwary Jewellery by Maria Mastori.
Both Garments are now exhibited in Nicosia, at the Laiki Bank Cultural Center, Byron Museum.

Thank you: Andreas, Caterina, Joanna, Lou, Damir, Andreas G, Michalis, Dione, Maria, Trifon for all your help and for being who you are.