Michèle Lamy

Fragments of the Interview with Michèle Lamy by Filep Motwary


FilepMotwary: You earlier told me that “fashion is a great reflection of its time — is and has been for a while — a precursor/forerunner of our emotional state. And the runways are here to prove it.” You mention the lack of top models, the merge of boys and girls models within shows as well as the experimentation or the acceptance of a third gender that is now forming the Zeitgeist. How did we come to this level, not only in fashion but also in general?

MichèleLamy: The world went through many evolutions in the past, I think that right now we notice these changes even more because of Trump. His actions enabled women, minorities to react, to show their strength, the gay people to react because his politics are a threat to our rights as humans.

Of course these issues are not new, but having someone like Trump as the president of the country of all countries raised even more reactions from people who want to secure things the previous generations fought so hard for! You see this reaction on the streets, in fashion, the social media and everywhere; there is an evolution in society that is important and normally fashion is the first to show it. Information is shared so rapidly now through applications like Instagram and everything is open to many more people than ever before. What is happening now with the supremacists is no accident, as it appeared to be at first. It’s perhaps like boxing, metaphorically speaking. If everybody wants to fight there will always be fights. In boxing, when you want to fight it is at least one on one and there are a lot of rules that will decree you a winner or a loser.

The full interview with Michèle Lamy available both in the book  THEOREM[A]: The Body, Emotion + Politics in Fashion as well as on the Polimoda Journal. THEOREM[A] is a Polimoda publication composed of interviews by Filep Motwary with influential figures in contemporary fashion. THEOREM[A] was published by Skira and is available for purchase online by pressing here.


With diamond-decked teeth, fingers stained black, Paris-based Michèle Lamy is truly one of fashion’s most revered eccentrics. Entrepreneur, collaborator, producer, wife and business partner to Rick Owens, she has given life to one of the industry’s most celebrated labels alongside countless collaborations and a Gareth Pugh partnership – all while prevailing as a gothic fashion legend in her own right.

In 2018, Lamy was the first creative to be invited by Selfridges to take residency in their Corner Shop (Lamyland X Selfridges), coinciding with the riveting Rick Owens retrospective at the Triennale di Milano. With the brand name buzzing worldwide, Filep Motwary spoke with the style queen as part of THEOREMA, The Body, Emotion + Politics in Fashion to probe different facets of the dressed body, investigating the evolution of gendered clothing and the political fervour encased in both body and garb.

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